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Issue 33:1, January 2009
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33:1—January 2009

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Church Communions and Mission

Jonathan J. Bonk

pp. 1–2

Equipping for God’s Mission: The Missiological Vision of the 2008 Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops

Ian T. Douglas

pp. 3–6

Anglicans and Reconciling Mission: An Assessment of Two Anglican International Gatherings

Mark Oxbrow

pp. 8–10

International Association of Catholic Missiologists: Third Plenary Assembly, Pieniężno, Poland

p. 10

The Impact of the Sexuality Controversy on Mission: The Case of the Episcopal Church in the Anglican Communion

Titus Presler

pp. 11–18


pp. 14–15

The International Impact of the Formation of the Church of South India: Bishop Newbigin Versus the Anglican Fathers

Mark Laing

pp. 18–24

U.S. Catholic Missioners: More Laity, Greater Focus on North America

p. 24

Christian World Communions: Five Overviews of Global Christianity, AD 1800–2025

David B. Barrett, Todd M. Johnson, and Peter F. Crossing

pp. 25–32

The Computer Revolution and Its Impact on Evangelical Mission Research and Strategy

Michael Jaffarian

pp. 33–37

The Roman Catholic Church's Southward Shift

p. 38

My Pilgrimage in Mission

Lawrence Nemer

pp. 39–41

Book Reviews

pp. 42–53

Dissertation Notices

p. 54

Book Notes

p. 56

In Coming Issues

p. 56


Issue 33:1, January 2009
FULL ISSUE (56 pp., 2.9 MB PDF)

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